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Born and influenced in California, and developed in Rio de Janeiro, our journey began from a visit to Rio, and a glaring question that would follow. How could you uplift, empower, and improve the communities within the favelas on a large scale? And how could you build a brand that brought together style from both California and Rio De Janeiro?



Our Mission is simple. To create progressive and uniquely Modern Apparel, that can not only unify individuals and style across the globe, but directly support, invest, and provide hope for the thousands of people living in the Favelas of Rio De Janeiro. We're here to offer premium, modern, and stylish products that are priced fairly, to incorporate everyone. All while uplifting communities and people that need it more than ever.


We've brought together all the best aspects of Street, Surf, Skate, and Athletic Wear into a single Brand. This fusion of influences allows us to combine soft and sleek performance style fabrics with fashionable and tailored garments, to deliver the best of both worlds in every single product we produce. You know the guy that always gets asked “Yo, where’d you get that shirt?” Welcome to the club my man.